Ta Xua Nature Reserve !


The tour is about to begin!

Ta XuaAn unspoiled cloud-hunting paradise for a  unique adventure travel experience in northern Vietnam!

At the highest point of 2865 meters above sea level, the Ta Xua peak is one of the tenth-highest peaks in Vietnam. The three most important peaks form a line that looks like the back spine of a dinosaur. It is an off-the-beaten-track destination, still reserving the real nature of the primitive jungle for travel lovers of adventurous trekking and the unique local culture of ethnic groups.

Just 240 km from Hanoi, this mountain range creates a natural border between the two provinces of Son La and Yen Bai. The best time to visit Ta Xua is from December to March when the weather is good to see clouds hanging. The downy clouds look the best in these months and especially during the sunrise after about half an hour of climbing in the cold of the mountainous area, you arrive for what you came for.

If you love more adventures like trekking, camping, and sleeping closer to nature, you should challenge yourself by conquering some higher peaks, U Bo – like Ox Hump, through the primitive jungle-like Amazon, hiding away from busy life!

The three days 2 nights trip to Taxua offers you all escaping from busy life, discovering the mysterious mountain peak of Ta Xua Nature Reserve, with the high & steep slopes, through the jungle & many peaks. But the spectacular view on the top will be a worthwhile and unforgettable memory like in the Movie “Alice in Wonderland”!