Northern Mountain of Amazing Vietnam!


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Tu Le Valley and Mu Cang Chai of Amazing Vietnam :

Vietnam has 3/4 Mountain of Area where 54 Ethnic Minority groups of people with amazing incredible Rice Terraces and colorful cultures ! have you been to explore these parts of Vietnam? if not you also have not been to my Beautiful Vietnam!

Let’s go for great adventures: In 2007, the fields were recognized by The Ministry of Culture, Sport & Tourism as national heritage sites for their amazing landscape. The Best time is September and the beginning of October when the harvest of rice is come coming with amazing yellow colors!

From Hanoi,it is about some 280 km, Mu Cang Chai and Tu Le Valley are one of the most amazing landscapes of rice-terraced fields in Yen Bai province, it is really natural and most less touristic where you will see the real-life of local people there as Hmong, Dao and Thai People They have cultivated about 500 hectares of rice terraces, the master-piece, for centuries in La Pan Tan, Che Cu Nha, and De Xu Phinh communes. The highest peak is Khau Pha Pass is 1570 meters above sea level offering you so cool weather with stunning scenery

Things to do and discover :

Tu Le valley:

Nested surrounding the green beautiful mountain with a small town and unique houses of Villages, we travel from Hanoi to Mu Cang Chai on  National Road 32, you will pass Tu Le town which is 50km far from Mu Cang Chai center.The town of Tu Le is the starting point of Khau Pha Pass from Nghia Lo side, which offers you an incredibly beautiful outlook of great captivation of beautiful terraced rice fields & distantly dotted local villages.It is also a popular destination for an overnight stop in mini-guess houses, hotels…Swimming in so fresh Stream or Springs or trekking down to visit Tu Le’s deep valleys with beautiful villages of Black Hmong & Thai tribes or home staying in Lim Mong village of Black Hmong! Let’s discover more local specialties as yummy Com -Young Sticky Rice that all a re done by hand

Khau Pa Pass:

One of the most stunning ways with a view, cool wind, and picturesque to reach Mu Cang Chai, you must overpass Khau Pa pass, if you love more adventurous, hire Motorbike to drive up hills is even more amazing.The pass is the most challenging & longest one (30km in length and 1570 m above sea level ) on National Road 32 and is normally surrounded by clouds.The pass is bordering between Van Chan & Mu Cang Chai districts in Yen Bai province, surpassing Khau Pha mountain – the highest peak in Mu Cang Chai region.In clear days, the best time in September and the beginning of  October, Khau Pha pass offers you an impressive view of surrounding mountains, deep valleys, and stunning rice terraced fields.And with  its height, recently  the pass of Khau Pha has become a popular destination taking place with jumping paragliding sports

La Pan Tan,Che Cu Nha,Lim Mong De Xu Phinh … Mu Cang Chai.

Those communes are the living places of local Black Hmong ethnics with their well-preserved rich cultures: their house styles, traditional dresses & their rice cultivation. Trekking will be a nice exploration of these communes, you will pass by numerous villages of Black Hmong getting to know their primitive lifestyles and have chances to expose yourselves to the most impressive terraced rice fields …let’s drive along NR32 and go up to see more and more stunning landscapes and unique cultures, the best way is staying overnight at homestay or hotels there!