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The tour is about to begin!

CAMBODIA –The Kingdom of Wonders!

Why do people travel to Cambodia?

A new country or Third World country or just because of ANGKOR WAT?

Cambodia offers you more things to do and see :

The Kingdom of Cambodia is a reborn country, a land that continues to surprise and delight its visitors.

Angkor temples-World Wonder, bright sight of country, the magnificent legacy of the Khmer empire, used to be a powerful country that ruled over much of Southeast Asia 1,000 years ago, there is much to discover in this country or one of the bucket list of travel!

The capital city Phnom Penh –once used to be Ghost city during Pol pot Regime or Khmer Rouge learning about the tragic history of dark sight, by visiting the Killing Fields, the Tuol Sleng Museum, and other reminders of the Khmer Rouge regime. You will be amazed by the optimistic attitude of Cambodians, who have found the courage to continue smiling despite three dark decades of civil war.

Beaches in Sihanoukville, visiting the islands that dot the Cambodian coast and the quaint little provincial towns that make up the beautiful countryside.

Most popular sites of Cambodia:

  • Siem Reap – French colonial center; the gateway to the Temples of Amazing Angkor
  •  Phnom Penh – the Pearl of Asia, the capital city  situated at the confluence of three rivers and offers an interesting mix of colonial buildings, temples, markets, and broad avenues
  • Tonle Sap Lake – one of the world’s largest freshwater lakes
  • Sihanoukville – a jewel and natural of white sands, blue sea, and fresh seafood, situated in the south of Cambodia
  •  Kampot, Kep, and Bokor National Park – Best French resort building still left and Pepper plantation