Mai Chau Valley Travel Guides


The tour is about to begin!

Mai Chau Valley  is a district of Hoa Binh Province, a famous travel destination in northwestern Vietnam,  150 kilometers from Hanoi, for its highlights and is suitable for Homestay with local family , a short trekking and biking tours. Travelers are stunned by this town’s mighty mountains, emerald rice fields and unique houses-on-stilts.

Spending a short cycling is recommended when you want to escape from noisy and busy urban life. Or just walking around though villages , stop to see local life ,interact with locals .The destination is a perfect alternative if you do not have enough time for soft adventures in mountain in Vietnam but still keen on experience a mountainous town and ethnic minority life.

Nightlife in Mai Chau is time for Traditional dance and Music where you can join with local with colorful clothes or costumes , try drinking Ruou Can –Sticky rice wine in a Jar

Mai Chau Weather:

Mai Chau Valley  is surrounded by mountain and  famous with mountainous environment, mountains, houses-on-stilts, rice fields… it is one of the best travel destinations in Northern Vietnam for trekking and biking tours.

Since Mai Chau opened for tourism in the late 2000 , it has become more popular and attractive all year round , the weather here is cool and pleasant year-round. It is neither too hot in summers nor chilly in winters. You can visit the destination any time in the year, but there are certain times that Mai Chau is the most poetic and romantic:

  • October to December:This is the winter time in Mai Chau, the weather becomes cooler and enjoyable. It is also the time when you can admire peach blossom and plum flower all around this town. The ethereal beauty of this flowery scene is a perfect background for your photos. However, it is humid and foggy there in winter, make sure you prepare warm clothing and be careful when hiking.
  • March to April:This is the time that ‘ban’ flower (Hoa Ban), a unique flower of Northwestern Vietnam, blooms all over the hills. This is also the time for many ethnic festivals here. March to April is the best time to travel to Mai Chau.
  • Summer time May to July : it is hot ,humid and rainy too . Sometimes it is bloody hot and humid this time

Ethnic Minorities in Mai Chau:

The villages are inhabited by seven ethnic groups: Thai, H’Mong, Dao, Muong, Tay, Hoa, and Viet, among which Thai people constitute the largest proportion of the population. The two tribes, White Thai and Black Thai, were originated in Thailand and are two main ethnic groups in Mai Chau at the moment. They live in stilt house and they are famous for making sophisticated traditional brocade. You can discover their life in Lac Village and Pom Coong Village, join their ‘Xoe Dance’ and learn their traditional plough-farming method.

Nowadays , as the development of economy and living standard , Mai Chau has changed in some points of new houses and much easier to walk around on concrete roads , you still see some old ladies with traditional costumes !

Getting to Mai Chau:

There are some options for daily tours to Mai Chau from Hanoi by bus is the best way  with both join-with-group and private tours. Please contact AVT Travel to get best advices and program to have best experiences in Mai Chau